Sunday, May 3, 2009

meepo /geomancer tutorial

Requirements for picking meepo in a 5v5 game:
1) there is no more than 3 stunners in opponent team
2) no doombringer/lich/axe in opponent team

Skills to put:
net, geostrike, poof, poof, poof, divided we stand, poof, net, net, net, divided we stand, geostrike, geostrike, geostrike, stats, divided we stand, stats all the way

Items to buy:
ring of basillus -> tread -> dagger (by lvl 11 must have dagger!) -> van offering & mekan -> meta -> Boots of travel -> cuirass

pls follow the items in sequence

Group all 4 meepos to one number key is enough.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The art of meepo

Meepo users are generally classified under 3 levels. The level 1 meepo users generally poof all at once after they get close to their netted preys. The level 2 players are little bit similar but they know how to use their meepos alternatively, which means they do not poof all at same time but rather on an alternative basis. I will name the 4 meepos at m1 (main), m2 (2nd clone at lvl 6) , m3(3rd clone as lvl 11) and m4(4th clone at lvl 16).

What level 2 meepo users want is to hold the enemies on one spot as long as possible and this is why they are using one meepo to net after another. For example they execute the attack in this manner: m1 net -> m1 poof -> m2 net -> m2 poof -> m3 net -> m3 poof -> m4 net -> m4 poof
Do you realise that they do not poof all at the same time but rather alternatively?
This action of pressing the keyboard is called clockwise alternate net poof
Which means you are pressing your keyboard in a clockwise manner: E -> F -> Tab ->E -> F -> Tab -> E -> F -> Tab ....

The level 3 meepo users are the ultimate players when it comes to catching enemies, no matter if they can blink/windwalk.
They utilise banp (blink alternate net poof) and bnap (blink all net poof). Under banp there is the slow version and the fast version -> sbanp and fbanp. But the bnap only has the fast version, any slower and you wont be able to catch up with enemies.

So what is banp?
banp is actually a meepo with dagger of escape. What banp users do is they blink over to preys, net them, bring out their clones one by one, net them again and take down their preys.
m1 blink -> m1 net -> m2 poof onto m1 -> m2 net -> m3 poof on m1 -> m3 net -> m4 poof on m1 -> m4 net -> m1 poof

i.e. E -> Tab -> F -> E -> Tab -> F -> E -> Tab -> F .....
This is in contrary with clockwise alternate net poof, this is the anti clockwise alternate net poof!

If you ask me how about lother? Should meepo users use lother instead of dagger?
NAH I have tried it, lother near enemies is too slow and not my style. Dagger is the way to deal a fast and quick death for ur preys. When opponents plant wards or carry gems, you cannot get near them fast enough with lother.
If you press fast enough (8 clicks per seconds) with banp, you are able to kill blinkers (qop/am etc) or windwalkers(bf/bh etc) without wards or gem. But take note that this doesn't applies to blink strikers like sa/pa/ck, coz when you net them they can still blink strike away. It takes skill and experience to kill blink strikers.

So what is banp?
Blink net all poof is a tactic to catch enemies who are quite far away, longer than the range of the the blink that dagger of escape allows. What banp users do is they blink near to prey, net them with m1, all 3 clones all poof on m1 at the same time while m1 is still following the prey, and then continuously net prey with the poofed m2, m3 and m4 consecutively.

My video will be up soon, pls stay tuned.